Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Urban Cowboy

Dear Mighty Urban Cowboy,
How can I resist your charm? You must be a really neat person because for all that heavy work you must do there is no dust on those Redwings you wear. I know you said that callous on your hand was from fencing, but your Playstation controller looks pretty worn to me….
Running out of gas while patrolling the subdivision in your oversized dooly truck?
Hey you might get better gas mileage if you dropped that heavy belt buckle.
I guess you are kind of green though, you do recycle. You make sure you save all your Mountain Dew bottles to spit your chew into. And as if all these things weren’t proof enough of your masculinity my redneck friend, you have a strategically placed pair of testicles hanging from your truck to erase any doubts I might have. How can a woman resist?

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee. We have bozos like that around here too. In Seattle. Seattle! It's like watching Martians strut down the middle of Macy's, I swear! Do they expect the rodeo to be there?!

    And, ohh, those lovely truck testicles. (sigh). How sexy. (Blah). Think maybe I ought to get a pair of ovaries attached to my Corolla?! It's a thought.