Friday, November 14, 2008

A Republican Amongst Us

My son is five, extremely intelligent and more political than I ever thought about being at his age. He is just like me, capable of having deep philosophical conversations along with having a ditzy blonde moment at least twice a day. (He is a brunette, so I guess in this case I will just call it Sarah Palin syndrome) My son had an election at school a week prior to the recent election. He was so proud of himself that he had voted. I told him I was proud of him for voting. Last night he brought up the election he had at school. He asked me if I wanted to know who he voted for. I said sure if he wanted to tell me. The conversation went as follows:
Damien: I voted for John McCain.
Me: Wow son. So you’re a Republican?
Damien: How did you know? (Sarah Palin syndrome kicking in)
Me: Magical guess. So what made you vote for John McCain?
Damien: He just seems like a very sweet old man and he has that pretty woman with him all of the time. Obama doesn’t have a pretty girl with him.
Me: Which pretty girl? His wife or Sarah Palin?
Damien: The one with brown hair. Not his daughter. She’s pretty too though.
Me: Which daughter?
Damien: The one that is with him all the time. She has yellow hair.
Me: That’s his wife, not his daughter.
Damien: No she’s not. She’s too young to be his wife.
Me: That’s called a trophy wife son. You’ll probably have one some day too, especially since you are a Republican.
Damien: Who are you voting for?
Me: I have an Obama sticker on both of our vehicles. Who do you think?
Damien: You are a Democrat?
Me: Yes.
Damien: You are voting for Obama?
Me: Yes.
Damien: That just won’t work. He doesn’t have a pretty girl with him.
Me: You have a right to your choice; I have a right to mine. We don’t have to both vote for the same candidate.
Damien: Yes we do. Now you have to pick John McCain mom. You have to go with my choice. (My son is getting very agitated at this point)
Me: Wow Damien, you are really opinionated, argumentative, and think that you are always right and everyone should go with your opinions. You make a very good Republican.
Damien: Well, I can’t believe you’re a Democrat. (Arms crossed across chest at this
point, pouty defeated look across his face.)
Me: Sweetie, you do realize that the election is over, right? We don’t get to vote again. They don’t take turns. Obama won. He is the president now.
Damien: Oh. I’m gonna miss John McCain. Can we go visit him?
Me: Let’s change the subject. What did you learn today?
Damien: I learned about Hanukah. Happy Hanukah mom.
Me: Thank you dear. Happy Hanukah to you.
Damien: We should celebrate Hanukah.
Me: We aren’t Jewish.
Damien: What?!?
Me: We aren’t Jewish honey.
Damien: We should be. I want to have Hanukah. Why aren’t we Jewish?
Me: I don’t know, I guess the egg I came from was implanted in the wrong uterus.
Damien: I think we will have Hanukah.
Me: Okay son, you be a Jewish Republican, I’ll be an agnostic Democrat with Catholic tendencies.
Damien: Fine you can be a Democrat mom, just as long as you vote for John McCain.

At this point I feel like beating my head against the wall, wishing I didn’t live in a dry county.


  1. Well there you go! Fair play to the little man, though, he sure knows how to get his ways! I am still laughing!

  2. Happy Hanukah! LOL. That's too funny. My kids were split -- the nine year is an environmentalist (read as: brainwashed by mom)and is a big Obama fan, but the baby sister (clearly a trouble-maker) voted for McCain. =) At least that little one won't be eligible to vote til 2020. Mazeltov!

  3. From the mouth of babes ...
    They're like sticky fly paper, always picking up what's left around aren't they?
    Love the post ...
    June in Oz

  4. Can you run that by me again: "...a dry county."??? WTF?

    Excuse my ignorance but that requires some explaining.

  5. A "dry" county is one that does not sell alcohol in any stores or resturaunts. I live in KY and they have several counties that have these ordinances in place, although when they do the neighboring county is usually a "wet" one that does sell alcohol and serve it.

  6. LOL !Wow... Your kid is really cute :D And I'm sure you're a proud mom for raising a wonderfully opinionated child who thinks for himself, whatever his logic :) The world needs children like that now, though if he weren't a republican would be a BIGGER plus. Though I doubt, he'll be basing his choices coz of girls for a looooong time to come. he he

    Cheers to you and him. Keep chatting !!

  7. Damien: Oh. I’m gonna miss John McCain. Can we go visit him?

    Haha, when i have children i want a son like yours^^
    They always make everything sound so easy...

  8. Money can't buy your wit/intelligence Tenacious Tess! I love this. Your boy has got your brain...

  9. LOL...too funny!

    Hey Tess....I'm passing along a blog award that I received...I love your blog.

    The award and $3.50 will buy you a small cup of coffee. :) Enjoy!

  10. I can't believe you named that kid Damien...for real

  11. Damien was the priest in The Exorcist long before he was ever the anitchrist in The Omen. It is a French name that actually means "to tame" Had my intention in naming my son been to piss people of I would have named him Lucifer or Beezlebub.

  12. I'm just saying...Exorcist or Omen either one a little creepy. Either way I guess it's still better than, say, Forrest.

  13. That's adorable!

    Happy Hanukah!