Friday, January 9, 2009

The benefits of cyber socializing

The thing that I like most about social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace is the fact that you can socialize without actually socializing. People who you don’t really want to talk to that often but feel obligated to can easily be communicated with at just the click of a mouse. You can update your status so people know what’s going on and how you feel, and then if they run into you in a store or something they aren’t surprised when you are pissy because your status has already indicated your mood. I do try to change my status often so as to not seem to monotonous. It’s always either agitated, pensive, melancholy, or my personal favorite, cantankerous. Manic isn’t an option in the list of choices or I’m sure I would have picked it at least once already. You can gloat about your accomplishments and evaluate your self worth by counting the number of comments you receive. You have a multitude of insults at your disposal that you can send to friends in seconds. I’ve read some reports talking about the downfalls of social networking because it prompts you to take the easy way out instead of actually calling or visiting someone. I say that’s a crock of shit. It’s absolutely perfect for the antisocial environmentalist. It is a very green option. You are saving gas by not actually visiting your friends, saving postage and money by not getting them actual greeting cards, and saving a little bit of energy at the same time because you don’t have to recharge the battery on your cell phone as often because you make fewer calls.


  1. My favorite status was jedi.

    peace - Rene

  2. My friends are always trying to get me to get on MySpace or FaceBook or whatever, but I think I missed the generational deadline on that one. Seems like just one more thing for me to be responsible for!
    Nah. THe blog, I'll keep because it makes me look thoughtful while writing at the bar.:-)

  3. Very true although I have never used these. Now you''ve got me thinking

  4. I get pissed at my phone when it rings. I don't answer it... hell I don't even listen to the messages half the time. I just hate the intrusion. I would hate having one more thing "I gotta do" in life. Now blogging... for some reason this suits me well and I jump out of bed and check for comments and exciting new posts from my faves everyday. I go out into the world just enough to have something to blog about, but I am basically pretty antisocial. I'm still working on the environmentalist part. ;)

  5. A good post, i agree with you on most of the parts , but not on the last line of being able to save electrical energy, because even facebook needs electrical supply to keep their servers running. :)