Monday, February 16, 2009

Diabolique for Dummies

Thanks again to JB for yet another news story that I would have missed otherwise. A 41 yr old transexual female named Christine Newton-John exercised her 73 yr old husband to death. She accomplished this by dragging him through a pool and refusing to allow him to get out of the pool thus resulting in a heart attack, apparently right in front of a surveillance camera. I would think that a 73 yr old man is so close to death anyway that perhaps she could have thought of a way to make his death look more natural and perhaps choose a more private locale for the murder instead of right in front of a f#%&ing camera! Interestingly enough the local authorities haven’t figured out her motive. Hmmmm….let’s think about this for a minute, she’s 41, he’s 73, she’s a trophy transexual and chances are good she has a life insurance policy on him. Although I highly doubt she will see any of those benefits since she decided to off him in front of a f#*%ing camera.
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  1. Tess,Tess,Tess, your so naughty.
    By the way, the story came from Rene, at Not the Rockefellers, I can't take all the credit lololo. See how friends, help the insanity move around the blogger world.

    Now where do I sign up for swimming classes for the mentally insane. Oh, I need to get the outfit!! and by the way I love the Diabolique reference.

    I'm was wondering, if you where refering to the original french movie, or the remake US version mmmmmm.. how do you choose with such a amazing mix of crazy, this week in the world.

    Again Tess, you just madddd my day. How will I slice meats today, when all I can think off, is swimming myself into a beautiful size 0 skinny jean lololololol so that I can snag me self a transexual female,where do I sign up for the crazy.

    Love the Insanity

  2. This is so insane but also there is so much humour in it