Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeless Octo Mom

A foreclosure notice was served on the residence where Nadya Suleman plans to raise her litter of children. She somehow managed to leave out this little detail when she was being interviewed. Not only will she be sucking up tax payer’s money via welfare, she probably will also try to benefit from the stimulus package with this. I thought her mother owned the house? This story just gets shadier every time it’s discussed because some new little detail pops up. She did mention that she was going to have to get a better house, so in her little messed up world inside her head it may make sense to her to just stop paying the mortgage on the current one. I remember a story I heard once about this old lady that had a bunch of children. She didn’t suck off of the taxpayers like a leach though, she just moved into a really big shoe.
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  1. i love the picture and the comment about taking her uterus out, but shouldn't it just fall out by now?? seriously - does she pull it behind her in a little red wagon??

  2. See tess this is why they invented the pill so you don't loose your house. Hey do you think if she sold her uterus they'd just give her back her house that hoe bag. I wonder if alfie/chantelle/the crept keeper and the sulmans could all live together so the state can watch over them. God!!!!!!!!!WTF is wrong with the world of babies/tweenies/hoe's bags and Oprah...yeah she's having octo mommy's daddy on her show.... wowowow even oprah is dumpster diving for this story and I thought it was only TMZ my fave show that does all the trash reporting..ohhhh..poor oprah.

    Lots of love

    Yeah mandy is right shouldn't her uterus have fallen out by now......i think a little red wagon won't suffice that load.