Monday, March 16, 2009

Cyber Cop

If you have some idle time on your hands and want to do something constructive you can log onto and monitor the US/Mexican border. No joke. If you see suspicious activity you are supposed to report it. This takes Big Brother to a whole new level. Bored with Tivo? Become a cyber cop and bust a Mexican! The only requirement to do so is a valid email address to register (although I'm sure current members of any white supremacy group are strongly encouraged to apply). I wonder if you have the ability to speak into your webcam and have it broadcast on a loud speaker at the border. "HEY! I see you, the border patrol's on their way Pedro! You stop-oh now-oh!. Hang on a second, damn screensaver popped up again." Next they will be working on sonar with a live feed so bored civilians at home can do their part and watch for Cubans trying to make it to American soil, meanwhile Cuba will do their part to place GPS in any inner tubes and infant floaties they sell.
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  1. Oh for the love of God! A new sport for Republicans, no doubt.

  2. moderating your comments? what happenened?

  3. I've always monitored my comments silly. I have a very paranoid persona.