Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Moon Goddess

An old weary soul once looked upon a magical moon. Instantly drawn to it she was mesmerized. Its powers captivated her. She loved it from that very moment. The longer she gazed the more she awakened. Her human frailties and insecurities all flooded to the surface. Every memory she had buried resurfaced. Her sins fell away. Her karmic debts were repaid. As the night went on she metamorphosed, Shedding what remnants of her old soul remained. Now she would have vast wisdom for her days remaining on the Earth. The spark that had so long ago been snuffed out began to burn again. Special gifts long dormant reemerged. She aged 1000 years that night. All because she stared into the light. A death and rebirth within a simple harvest. She wished desperately that moon would stay forever. With a heavy heart she realized upon the breaking light of day it would be hers no longer. As much happiness arrived so did a cold darkness. For the path she now walked would be an isolated one. Such knowledge carries with it an eternal unfulfilled weariness. With a heavy heart she began to cry, and her tears turned into a river. This river would be her gift to the world, bearing fruit and bringing light to many, and would provide her solace for her remaining lonely days.
© Brandy Lindsey

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