Sunday, March 12, 2017


99.9% of the people one encounters in their lifetime are fake.  They put on a pretense so that the people they encounter will like them.  Many base their life’s worth on educational credentials, when to be quite honest from what little I’ve read of the holy book that all sanctimonious pricks reference when they are trying to win an argument aren’t you judged based on character and not academic credit to get admitted into those sacred pearly gates?  So many out there that make their racist comments and jokes and then pretend as if they think racism is just horrid and they really aren’t a racist themselves.  Why, they themselves listen to Beyoncé.  That proves they couldn’t be a racist, right?  It’s always other people, isn’t it?  When someone is a bit strange or eccentric we take comfort in judging them and assuming they are just drug addicts, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.  Some base a person’s worth on holes in their socks or streaks of color in their hair instead of their actual character, and then that judgmental person wonders why karma never seems to work out for them in the end.  These same assholes contribute to a culture that always finds some way to blame the victim no matter what the circumstance.  If she’s raped and murdered and just happens to be of a lower socioeconomic class than the asshole that thought she was disposable, society will fight to the death to get his good name cleared.  If a man or child shot down in cold blood just happens to not be as white as snow, then it’s looked at as more of an oops than an actual crime.  These same people take antidepressants and whatever else they can get a doctor to ply them with to alter enough chemicals in their brain to convince them they are happy, but in reality they just make them numb and able to tolerate their miserable existence.  People choose to ply themselves with anything they can to drown out their sorrows, be it trying to forget why exactly no one loves them when they make no attempt to be any less of a blight on society than they already are, or for a reason so mundane as to try to get over the fact that they were born to shitty parents.  Sometimes you are just born into a shit life, and you can either choose to get over it or spend the rest of your life whining about it to people pretending to give a shit.  The circumstances you were born into do not have to define you for the rest of your life.  The only person you can ever truly rely on is always the reflection staring back at you in your own mirror.  

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