Friday, December 15, 2017

Strangers in the Same House

We are strangers in the same house.
Some mornings I wake and you are still my spouse.
That dream soon fades to the reality in my head.
The sheets are now dusty on your side of the bed.

I first loved you in a garden on a beautiful sunny day.
And though you loved me deeply once your feelings have since waned.
Captured moments in time still align these walls in frames.
Where our love once bloomed brightly now only grief remains.

Each day more tears adorn my sleeve,
But I know I’ll never leave.
Our memories are my chains.
Every time I try to go nostalgia pulls my reins.

Once upon a time you made my heart flutter.
The chills from your touch now make me shudder.
Every time you visit it turns ice cold in this room.
This entire house is now a place of silent gloom.

People say I should move on but I know I never will.
Despite the realm between us my heart beats for you still.
A new love would not bring me any consolation.
I much prefer this new life of gut wrenching isolation.

Our approaching anniversary is a time I deeply dread.
For I still breathe the air and you, my love, are dead.
You made a vow to me and then you left me far too soon.
And now I’m left to my despair in this lonely, little room.

© Brandy Lindsey

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